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Why EnCap33?

The right team in place and a winning strategy for building the next great e-commerce business

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The right team

We have the power to be your best partners!

Our team has a diverse and unique set of skills. Collectively, we have built brands from scratch, navigated the public market exits, and rolled up entire industries. We are not a typical group of private equity partners. We want to get in the weeds and help grow your business. We are excited for you to come with us on this journey

Merger Structure - Game Changing

What is a merger?​

Agreement to sell your company bundled with similar businesses for a predetermined amount.

Agreement offers an exclusive period for EnCap33 execute and find buyer.

Close transaction selling the combined entity in a single transaction.

EnCap33 can assist to increase revenue, reduce costs and prepare you for the exit.

What is the Problem

with traditional e-commerce acquisitions?


Low price offers (2-3X profits)​


Less sophisticated buyers


Bad financing terms for the seller


Expensive closing costs


Pressure to sell before you are ready


Guaranteed Higher Exit


Access to Sophisticated PE Buyers


Better Seller Terms


Minimal Transaction Costs and No Broker Fees


No Rush on Selling Your Business (the process could take 9 months)

Advantages of EnCap33's Model

Guaranteed Higher Exit
Access to Sophisticated PE Buyers
Better Seller Terms

Minimal Transaction Costs
No Broker Fees
No Rush on Selling Your Business (the process could take up to 9 months)

What's in It for You?

As a Seller

You can sell the business at a multiple higher than the typical 2 to 3 times.
The entire sale process is managed by experienced M&A professionals.

The process includes:
• Finding the Buyer
• Performing Majority of Due Diligence
• Negotiating Transaction Documents
• Managing Deal Terms
• Ensuring Seller Protection

Your transaction costs will be reduced.

There’s no risk for you. If no transaction takes place, we part ways.