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Seamlessly sell your business. Maintain your team and culture. Continue to profit as we help grow your brand.

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Why partner with EnCap33?

Become a part of our exceptional team and profit through a merger.

EnCap33 is a private equity firm specializing in e-commerce businesses. Collectively, the executive team at EnCap33 has completed a multi billion-dollar IPO, sold 2 e-commerce businesses for 9 figures - mophie and Living Social, and grown businesses from $0 to $100M+ in revenue. The team has the expertise to take your business to the next level.

How it works?

5 Step Process

Tell us about your business
Apply to get evaluated through our website and schedule time with an EnCap3 professional. We will be excited to listen to what makes your business special.

Get a valuation
We will work quickly to provide a valuation and a letter of intent for an option agreement (merger). No haggling, no hassle, a quick and easy process.

Accept offer
Begin option period, work with our team to conduct diligence, and leverage out team to grow your business.

Get Acquired
Continue to operate your business while EnCap33 builds portfolio of like kind business. Capture any upside while under option period.

Successfully partner with EnCap33
Once the options are exercised. we will be partners in a portfolio of world-class Amazon businesses. When the time is right, we will sell the portfolio and each founder who remains with the group will participate in the additional upside from the sale.

EnCap33 has experts that make the process transparent, fair, and easy.

Don't worry if you haven't prepared everything neatly, we can handle messy!

We can also empower you to understand your business better by creating a P&L for it regardless of whether you end up selling to us or not!

Benefits of selling to EnCap33

• Solid exits for your business
• Sell worry free, leave the legalese and number crunching to us
• EnCap33 has experts that make process transparent, fair, and easy
• Know your brand will reach new heights under EnCap33 ownership
• Founder option to stay on and operate business or move on to the next project

We are Fair. Fast. Reliable.

EnCap33’s name was derived from the phrase, Encourage Capital. To us, that means using capital to build a community of entrepreneurs that can help one another reach new heights. Practically, that means we acquire small and medium sized e-commerce businesses, build portfolios of brands, and sell those portfolios to the collective benefit of all.

Frequently asked questions

Common Questions Our Clients Ask

Why an Option Contract?

The merger and option acquisition structure creates a win / win. Using an option, EnCap33 is able to pay founders top of market prices. Meanwhile, the option gives EnCap33 the time to create a portfolio of brands.

Why should I choose EnCap33?

EnCap33 will pay more than most competitors, is ran by brand lovers, works quickly in a fair and transparent way, and wants founders to stick around (unlike our competitors).

What happens during due diligence?

Our team will review your financial and operational performance. We know what we are looking for and will help you through the process. Don’t worry if you haven’t prepared everything neatly, we can handle messy!

What happens to my brand after I sell?

Hopefully, you will stay on to help us run the brand. We encourage our founders to continue to run their businesses. Either way, EnCap33 will do everything to take your brand to the next level.

How much is my business worth?

If you think you are a good fit for EnCap33, click on the Get Evaluated tab and you can speak with someone from EnCap33 to find out!