A private equity firm for eCommerce businesses

Exit for a premium.


The Team behind EnCap33

EnCap33 is a private equity firm based out of northeast Ohio that specializes in merging eCommerce brands and helping them exit for more collectively than what they would have sold for individually. Our executive team has a range of experience from multi-billion dollar IPO’s, selling an eCommerce business for 9 figures & building hundreds of eCommerce sites. We also have buy-side broker experience. Together, our team has the experience to take eCommerce brands to the next level and help them get a large exit.

Our Mission

EnCap33 is determined to help small and medium sized eCommerce businesses who would have traditionally sold their company for 3X profits, merge together and sell for 5X or greater. We are also committed to helping build a community of like-minded eCommerce business owners to share best practices so they can assist each other to bring their businesses to the next level.


What Sets Us Apart

Most other private equity firms want to buy the business for as cheap as possible and after the acquisition is finalized, the eCommerce seller is basically out of a job. At EnCap33, we are not looking for businesses that are looking to exit today. We are looking for businesses that are exit minded eventually, but in the meantime, our team of experts can strategically advise them on how to help their business grow. When it’s time to sell, the eCommerce brands will be able to get a much larger exit by merging with others than what they ever could have gotten on their own.

Our Service Areas

EnCap33 provides M&A expertise while helping eCommerce businesses with their organic growth. We don’t charge anything for these services, EnCap33 only makes money when we go to sell the collective group of companies.


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